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About Us


Scott McKinley has been in the 12v Electronics industry since 1998.  In that time, he has seen technology advance at an amazing pace.  When he first started, a CD player for your car came in three pieces and cost over $1,000!  Now, you would be hard pressed to even FIND an aftermarket CD player - everything is either streaming or BlueTooth connectivity.  Stereos in today's vehicles have made great strides.  However, even today's remote starts that come directly from the auto manufacture is behind aftermarket in numerous ways; from range, to features, to price... an aftermarket remote start is clearly the better option.  He also works with many local Police and Sheriff's Offices - making sure their squad cars are working at peak performance.  

If he's not at the shop installing the latest technology in client's vehicles, you can find him with family; grilling, camping, and boating in the summer, and hunting, snowmobiling and enjoying Packer games in the winter. He also loves his church family and helps out with technology when called on.   

Scott's philosophy is to make sure the client is 100% satisfied with their purchase.  This has built very strong word-of-mouth marketing within the Chippewa Valley.  He wants to make sure you'd tell everyone about the excellent service, quality products, and (most of all) service after the sale.  And the like minded team is here to serve you too.

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