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Remote Starts

We offer six (6) different models of remote start to ensure we find one that fits your needs EXACTLY.  The main difference between the systems is:  Range and communication. 

*  Range determines how far out the signal will reach from the remote.  Take in mind; glass, wood, steel, and other obstacles greatly effects the range of a remote start.  Make sure you take into consideration all scenarios you'd face when using the remote start (shopping centers, dining out, friend's houses, airports, etc).    

*  Communication indicates if the system would report back to the remote to give a status update.  A 2way system would "beep" at the remote (and could give other indicators) to let you know the vehicle is running.  This is great for those times the vehicle is out of view.  Sure, you COULD guess that the vehicle is running, but do you really want to take that chance?

Below are our four (4) most popular systems.  Give us a call with any questions you may have.


LUL5FR       $259 Installed

Remote Start using the factory remote

Our least expensive system (and limited to specific vehicles - CALL FOR MORE INFO), this works with the factory remote.  Simply press "Lock, Unlock, Lock" and the vehicle will start.  The only drawback is the range - it's limited to the factory keyless entry.  You may want to test your current range to see if it's acceptable. 

1B1W25         $369 Installed

1Way Remote Start only

With a range of 1500' (or 1/4 mile), this system would be our entry level with decent range.  Parking lights would illuminate once the vehicle is running by remote start.  This will ONLY start and stop the vehicle by remote.  You'd have to use your factory remote for keyless entry.


55 Year Warranty 


1B2W50        $429 Installed

2Way Remote Start only

Reaching out to 2,500' (1/2 miles range), AND giving a confirmation "beep", this is our most popular system.  Yes, the parking lights are on during the 20min remote start run time, but if you can't see the vehicle (due to distance and/or obstacles), the confirmation beeps help out tremendously. 


55 Year Warranty 

CL6      $529 Installed

2Way Remote Start w/Keyless

This system is the best of the best.  With unlimited cellular range, you could start you vehicle parked in Orlando, while staying in LA.  Locking your keys in the vehicle would be a thing of the past.  Just grab your phone, open the App, and press UNLOCK.  The system counts down the 20 min run time.  You can even tie in added features; activate heated seats, roll up windows on lock, etc) as well as view the vehicle's current location.

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